fear_of_c ([personal profile] fear_of_c) wrote2009-05-25 12:57 am

Apps for America Progress Report

2 days after starting, the apps for America project I've been working on is finally starting to firm up into a concrete task list, with large portions of the feature list and design created.

Only, I now realize how vast this project is. The data could very well span hundreds of thousands of points, and I have no idea how long it will take to process or what kind of memory requirements this will end up having. I suppose there is some kind of tradeoff between usefulness/awesomeness and actual ability of my computer to handle this task.

Currently, I'm looking at building several databases to use effectively as postings lists, even though this is not a search engine. The idea is that database queries are the one thing that will not take lots of ram to hold around and can execute reasonably quickly (faster than the network transfer at least).

Development progress is ahead of schedule, but timeline is creeping forward as reality of the situation becomes more apparent.

If this works... awesome will ensue.

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