2 days after starting, the apps for America project I've been working on is finally starting to firm up into a concrete task list, with large portions of the feature list and design created.

Only, I now realize how vast this project is. The data could very well span hundreds of thousands of points, and I have no idea how long it will take to process or what kind of memory requirements this will end up having. I suppose there is some kind of tradeoff between usefulness/awesomeness and actual ability of my computer to handle this task.

Currently, I'm looking at building several databases to use effectively as postings lists, even though this is not a search engine. The idea is that database queries are the one thing that will not take lots of ram to hold around and can execute reasonably quickly (faster than the network transfer at least).

Development progress is ahead of schedule, but timeline is creeping forward as reality of the situation becomes more apparent.

If this works... awesome will ensue.

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This Thing

May. 24th, 2009 01:33 am
I don't plan to use this like a LiveJournal. LJ was a site of teenage and post-teen angst, notes on realizations about how my mind works and things to try. For that I still have LiveJournal, in all its add-ridden, corporate glory. But when I read the statement of intent for Dreamwidth, it seemed brilliant and new. A site for creators to talk amongst ourselves. A collaboration tool to improve my writing and my coding. Now this may just be a silly ideal, but I'm going to see if it can work. For now, this is the journal for projects and the epically cool.

As for my first move, it is to move. I have spent too long working here and there on little distractionary codes while the world obsoleted them. Starting yesterday, I shall enter in the Apps for America contest, and I will make sure this one gets at the least a friggin good shot.

For those who remember (probably none of you), I'm applying the old visualizer design I developed at the WTC Memorial to some periodic government reports. I plan to use AJAX and prototype through Google Web Toolkit. The backend will probably involve Python scripts to process the reports and JSON to transfer them to the webapp.

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First Post

May. 22nd, 2009 01:35 am
Interesting concept... now is this site really so different from the livejournal of 5 years ago?

I suppose there are many who would do much to get back the LiveJournal of 5 years ago... before the influx of ads and negative image in popular culture.



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